Rumour: Kuju Entertainment developing for Wii U

Kuju Entertainment is a subsidiary of Catalis Group, and in a recent financial report Catalis stated;

Both studios of Kuju are actively developing games on one or more of the next gen consoles (PS4,Xbox one, Wii U) in addition to currently working up pitches for new concepts, specifically targeted to the latest consoles

Kuju’s Entertainment’s studio that is most familiar to Nintendo fans is Headstrong Games, as they are the creators of some fantastic Wii Games (The House of The Dead: Overkill, Battalion Wars 2, etc). Previously, an employee at Headstrong announced on their LinkedIn profile that she was working on a game for the Wii U; This report from the parent company strongly suggests that they are definitely working on the Wii U. ¬†Will we learn about this project at E3? We don\’t know but we do hope so. Headstrong has done some great work partnering with Nintendo and SEGA in the past, so chances are that this is another licensed product.

Mark Loughlin