Rumour: GameStop Selling Out of Wii U Deluxe Pre-Orders!

The guys at NintendoEverything have received a tip that may scare you…


“I just got back from my local Gamestop where I was told by its manager they are expected, as a company nationwide, to sell out of black Wii U pre-orders TODAY. If you’re interested in picking one up at your local store try to get in ASAP.”

“The local Gamestop folks seem pretty reliable. They told me back in June/July to expect Wii U pre-orders in early September and were only off by a week on their guesstimate. I was very surprised to hear that they may stop offering black Wii U pre-orders today. I was told it wasn’t even a matter of one store being able to keep going until they hit a certain amount, that it was more of a nationwide cap. Weird, huh?”

Thanks NintendoEverything!