Rumour: Free Dev Kits for Third-Parties, Wii U Getting Most Support

Nintendo are rumoured to be giving Wii U dev kit’s to third parties free of charge….


Jonathan Holmes of Destructoid has revealed to the Twitterverse than Nintendo may be handing our more than one Wii U dev kit free of charge….

Hearing more and more stories of Nintendo giving developers free Wii U dev kits. I hope devs take advantage of that. Could lead to victories

— Jonathan Holmes (@TronKnotts) April 5, 2013

He went on about how he sees the Wii U performing in the long run, considering the good rumblings he is hearing…

@edwardwong4 I think of Wii U as next gen, and thought it’s had a shaky start, it could very well end up getting the most support in the end

— Jonathan Holmes (@TronKnotts) April 5, 2013

Finally some good news on the Wii U front, games are releasing, sales are picking up and now industry professionals are backing the machine!