Rumor: The ‘major title’ for Switch that may come holiday 2020 has… ‘tires’

Sabi rumor major title tires Nintendo Switch holiday 2020

Hot off yesterday’s rumors about an unannounced major game arriving on Nintendo Switch for holiday 2020, Nintendo information leaker Sabi is back with many more cryptic teasers about what is in store for the console this year. Firstly, Sabi now believes completely in the rumor that a traditional 2D Paper Mario is coming. Second, the Breath of the Wild sequel does indeed seem to be taking longer than Nintendo initially anticipated, making a 2021 release more likely. And third, the mysterious “major title” that may arrive on Switch for holiday 2020 has tires. Hmm.

Beyond that, Sabi cryptically leaves an image of the Breath of the Wild Ancient Soldier Mii costume. And seemingly unrelated, Sabi casually mentions PlatinumGames and The Wonderful 101, a game Platinum has wanted to bring back for quite some time. Perhaps the wheels are finally in motion to revive that title on the Switch as the developer has desired.

Does the Ancient Soldier Mii costume relate to the major title with tires? Or are they two separate teases? Whether it’s a power trip or a fear of reprisal, Sabi isn’t clarifying — except to say that it’s not Star Fox. However, it’s all very intriguing regardless.

Could Mario Kart 9 be announced after all? With how extremely well Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is still selling, that seems somewhat unlikely. A Diddy Kong Racing revival seems more likely. And F-Zero, well, doesn’t really do tires. What are your theories on the subject of the major title (presuming it’s real)?


John Friscia
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