Rumor: Switch receives surprise ‘major franchise’ game for holiday 2020, BOTW2 moves to 2021

major franchise game holiday 2020 Nintendo Switch Breath of the Wild sequel 2021 delay

When there’s a big, fat, juicy Nintendo rumor floating around and we think it’s actually credible enough to report on, you can bet who it’s probably from: notorious Nintendo news leaker Sabi. Sabi recently claimed that a new 2D Metroid and a traditional Paper Mario title are in development to release this year. Now, the leaker is back with more info from sources, one of whom says the Breath of the Wild sequel is likely to land with a 2021 release date (after initial rumors stating Nintendo hoped for 2020 release), but an unexpected game in a “major franchise” may arrive on Nintendo Switch for holiday 2020 instead.

The context of the conversation would imply that it’s a “major franchise” from Nintendo, but that cannot be guaranteed. However, if something random like F-Zero or Star Fox were suddenly to swoop in, that would certainly get some fans interested. Pikmin 4 stomping in large and in charge would be an event as well, though it’s debatable whether that title would be a game “you probably don’t expect.”

Meanwhile, the idea of the Breath of the Wild sequel slipping into a 2021 release date wouldn’t be surprising at all because, as the original rumor noted, Nintendo regularly delays its big first-party titles, even if it’s just internal delays. Officially, the game has no release window in the first place, so it can’t even be called a delay.

What do you think this major franchise game on Switch could be, if these rumors turn out to be true? Tell us your best guesses and desperate wishes!


John Friscia
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