Report: Switch Pro launches in late 2021, is pricier & uses DLSS for 4K

Nintendo Switch Pro XL oled model

Takashi Mochizuki and Ian King from Bloomberg are back with a new report about the fabled Nintendo Switch Pro. It indicates Switch Pro will allegedly have notable upgrades across the board, particularly using Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology to enable 4K. These upgrades could result in the console costing between $350 and $400.

Nvidia is allegedly in the works of outfitting this upgraded system with a newer, more powerful chipset (which is a rumor that’s been circulating since last year). This new chip, on top of featuring a new CPU and “increased memory,” will support Nvidia DLSS.

In layman’s terms, DLSS uses AI to enhance the image quality of what’s on screen, thus resulting in a crisper, higher-fidelity output. This ties into the previous report stating that the “Switch Pro” will support 4K displays when docked. The report indicates, according to “multiple game developers” and other sources, newer titles will be the ones to benefit primarily from these upgrades since DLSS support “will require new code to be added to games.”

Additionally, the report reiterates previously described upgrades of the unit’s screen: moving up to OLED technology, reducing bezel size, and increasing the display size to a full 7 inches.

nintendo switch pro dlss 4k $400 $350 bloomberg report nvidia

Switch Pro, DLSS, and reality

Of course, Nvidia and Nintendo remain tight-lipped about any of these details. As a result, it has to continue to be labeled as a rumor. However, Bloomberg’s reporters have been aggressively pushing this story for quite some time now, and they would not just make things up out of thin air. The reports carry credibility.

Nintendo has already taken such a road before with the release of New Nintendo 3DS a few years back. That also featured a few incremental upgrades (which resulted in a handful of exclusive games) and a slightly higher price tag. So, Nintendo could very well do such a thing again. The question is, how will this affect the current models?

nintendo switch pro dlss 4k $400 $350 bloomberg report nvidia

Switch success and the rest

Unlike the 3DS, the Switch has yet to really go through a true “slow” period of sales. The system has been performing remarkably on a global level, regularly being at or at least near the top of sales charts in region after region. It’s already outsold the 3DS worldwide despite being about half the age. This is likely why, even if there is a new model coming, Nintendo has skillfully dodged giving any direct answers on the matter or even suggested that it is indeed working on a revision. If it did, then this would likely kickstart a slow sales period as some consumers would then decide to hold off until the new hardware comes. That said, millions of purchases will continue to be made throughout the year of existing models. So, what will happen to them?

Well, if the New 3DS, and also PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X are any indication, people will buy the new hardware. However, it may not necessarily translate into the new hardware becoming an incredibly sizeable pool of customers. As a result, from a business standpoint, developers will likely still support the more established regular Switch and Switch Lite. Considering the Switch Lite just came out two years ago and a partially improved regular Switch was also quietly introduced at the same time, it seems unlikely that these models will get the axe anytime soon no matter how well a Switch Pro performs. Nintendo reportedly expects a record year of hardware and software sales this year.

As the year continues to develop, we’ll see exactly what Nintendo has in mind. If a “Switch Pro” really is coming, with DLSS and 4K no less, then an announcement should be expected no earlier than summer. After all, Microsoft and Sony just showed us that it is very possible to play the long game when it comes to system reveals.


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