Rumor- Star Fox Racing Developed by Retro Studios

Retro Studios have been hard at work on something for Nintendo Switch that has yet to be revealed. Recently, Reddit user DasVergeben claimed that the studio is working on a known IP, Star Fox. Surprisingly, it is not a traditional game of the franchise, but a racing game that combines elements of F-Zero and Diddy Kong Racing. These claims were backed up on 4chan, which included a picture of the alleged title of the game, Star Fox Grand Prix.

According to rumor, Star Fox Grand Prix will include boss fights, an adventure mode, and racing akin to the fast-paced F-Zero series. This is an interesting rumor, and something completely unexpected. Retro Studios have never developed a racing game before, and are known for the Metroid Prime trilogy.

What do you think about this rumor? Are you satisfied with Retro Studios working on this game, if it turns out to be true and officially revealed at E3 2018 or prior? Sound off in the comments!

Vincent Bystry
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