Rumor: Nintendo targeting 2020 release for Breath of the Wild sequel

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Nintendo Switch launched with Breath of the Wild on day one, and it proved to be a massive system seller. Since then, it’s gone on to sell nearly 15 million copies on Switch alone! Naturally, Nintendo is looking to capitalize with a sequel, and they gave us a taste at this year’s E3. The trailer carries a dark tone, and it shows what appears to be the skeletal remains of an undead Ganondorf held captive beneath Hyrule Castle. How tantalizing! So when can we expect to play this Hylian-ticipated sequel? How about 2020? Nintendo didn’t give us any hints about that, but a reliable leaker claims to have the inside scoop. Here’s the latest from the rumor mill!

Breath of the Wild sequel in 2020?

Sabi is a leaker with a good track record for uncovering big stories. In fact, they’ve successfully leaked so many E3 announcements ahead of time that Nintendo threatened her with legal action to keep their news from leaking. According to her sources, Nintendo is internally targeting a 2020 release for the Breath of the Wild sequel.

Building on past Nintendo rumors

Sabi then clarified that this is not speculation, but current internal plans. Nintendo has a habit of delaying its 3D Zelda titles, so it wouldn’t be shocking if that happened here. That said, this also lines up with previous information from insiders. Eurogamer previously reported that Nintendo wants a major Zelda release on Switch every year. Meanwhile, another leaker who goes by King Zell, has been claiming for months that a 3D Zelda will launch in 2020. It would make perfect sense for that mystery title to be the Breath of the Wild Sequel.

As with all rumors, this is officially unconfirmed and should be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism. That said, Sabi has been right on in the past, and the info harmonizes well with other leaks. The real question is whether or not Nintendo can stick to that schedule.

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