Rumor: Nintendo Switch may receive a price cut in Europe next week

Nintendo Switch price cut Europe Monday €270 next week Nintendalerts Nintend'Alerts

The base Nintendo Switch model has had the same rock-solid, never-wavering $299.99 USD price tag since it launched in March 2017. Even with Nintendo Switch OLED looming at $349.99 and the fact that an Xbox Series S costs $299.99, there had been no discussion of dropping the base Switch’s price. In fact, Bloomberg has even reported that PlayStation is watching Nintendo’s strategy of maintaining prices without cuts. Yet despite all of this, French retail game news source Nintend’Alerts is claiming that Nintendo Switch will receive a price cut in Europe on Monday, dropping to €270 where it usually retails for around €330.

As VGC notes, Nintendo does not set a hard suggested retail price for Switch in Europe, but it may have reduced its distribution price, which would theoretically result in price cuts. It may also be a temporary reduction to clear out excess stock, though Switch has had no trouble flying off the shelves to date.

Nintend’Alerts has amassed a Twitter following of more than 80,000 since 2015 and apparently accurately revealed a Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart PlayStation 5 bundle prior to its announcement. So, it’s a trusted source with a solid track record. However, Nintendo Switch receiving a price cut in Europe or anywhere else would be major news regardless, so it’s best to just wait and see what — if anything — actually happens on Monday.


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