Rumor: Is Nintendo Showing a \"Mario Maker\" Game at E3?

This rumor was too tasty to pass up.

Nintendo Enthusiast usually keeps rumors to the legions of Facebook and Twitter fans to discuss and flesh out as to their relativity in the grand scope of things, but this was too interesting to not share. Nintendo is gearing up for an excellent E3, and we all know that a \”mystery\” 3DS game at E3 that will recieve a full presentation. Does this picture showcase that said game?

\"MarioThis is an alleged picture of a part of Nintendo’s E3 floor, and seems to coinicide with other pictures we have seen from Nintendo set up. Of course, the most interesting thing is the object in the foreground: Mario Maker. By what can be seen it would seem like this would allow gamers to create their own Mario themed levels, similiar to something likeĀ Little Big Planet on Sony systems. With Nintendo pulling out the stops at E3, this could be the biggest one. Chalk it up as a rumor for now, but there may be some substance to this one.

Shawn Long
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