Rumor: New Super Mario movie is directed by the Teen Titans Go! creators

super mario movie teen titans go

Several years ago, Nintendo announced a partnership with Universal and Illumination to make an animated Super Mario movie. With Miyamoto in creative control, Nintendo and Illumination hope to launch the film in 2022. Details have been scarce so far, but recently some small tidbits have trickled out. Earlier this month we reported that Sebastian Maniscalco will be “playing Spike, their boss.” Today, we have something a little juicier. It seems the Super Mario movie will be directed by the creators of Teen Titans Go!

Super Mario movie from Teen Titans G0! team?

We were first tipped off to this by a tweet from @Mevans2703. They spotted a Linkedin profile for an Illumination Character Animator that stated the following: “Character Animator on “MARIO” directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic.”

Horvath and Jelenic are most well-known as the showrunners for Teen Titans GO! on Cartoon Network. The tweet featured an image of the Linkedin profile that was cropped to remove the animator’s name, and the profile has since been changed. After doing a little research, I believe I’ve located that profile, which you can see cropped below.

You can see from this side-by-side comparison that the job title, start date, and start date for the most recent project are all the same. Only the description of the current project is different, as it was likely changed when people began to notice. While we cannot confirm this information at this time, it seems likely that we’re getting a Super Mario movie from the Team Titan’s GO! leads. If this proves to be the case,  do you think it’s a good choice? Let us know in the comments below!

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