Rumor: New set of Switch game SKUs appears in GameStop database

Nintendo Switch game SKU GameStop internal database rumor

Welcome back to the world of rumors, where hope and desperation collide. Images stemming from Switch Brasil are making the rounds online, displaying what is allegedly a set of four new, unspecified Nintendo Switch game SKUs in the GameStop internal database. They are listed as a generic “Available SKU” at $59.99 for a placeholder Dec. 31, 2020 release date. This could be a sign of new Nintendo Switch game announcements to come, or it could frankly just be an anomaly in the GameStop database. Such things are far from unheard of.

Nintendo Switch SKU GameStop internal database rumor

Another alleged GameStop image was presented with this listing, for a notice that Nintendo has online maintenance coming up. Whether these Nintendo Switch game SKUs and this maintenance image have any actual connection whatsoever is unknown.

Nintendo maintenance Nintendo Switch game SKU GameStop internal database rumor

What makes the prospect of new Nintendo Switch game SKUs at GameStop so enticing is the fact that there is already a separate rumor about a full Nintendo Direct to premiere this month. But again — we’re dealing in hope and desperation more than facts here, so it’s important to keep our expectations in check.

It is however strongly expected that Nintendo will announce a variety of 3D Super Mario remasters by September at the latest.


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