Rumor: Miyamoto is attending the Xbox E3 Briefing today

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These days, Nintendo and Microsoft have been getting considerably chummy, tearing down previously rigid barriers between industry competitors to an unprecedented degree. Once-exclusive games to Microsoft are coming to the Switch, as well as Xbox Live services expanding outside their proprietary platforms. While it may seem one way, Nintendo might give as much love back if this rumor holds true. According to French outlet JeuxVideo, Shigeru Miyamoto may be a special guest at today’s Xbox E3 2019 Briefing.

A historic show in the making?

Translated to English from French, the reporter’s alleged tease goes as follows:

Last February, when I wrote my article about the little partnership between […] Xbox and Nintendo, there was one piece of information that I was asked to keep to myself, as back then they were still in negotiations. […] There should be a physical presence from Nintendo during the conference. Probably, a certain Shigeru Miyamoto is here. […] It’s a historical moment.

In April, Microsoft announced that Xbox Live would be coming to Switch, following their blessing to port Cuphead onto the hybrid platform. More games may migrate from Xbox’s library onto Switch in the future, and the two companies are also allegedly partnering on cloud gaming technology. Additionally, Microsoft pointed out Nintendo’s E3 Direct as part of their list of shows to look out for.

Now, what could Miyamoto be doing at Microsoft’s show? Nintendo’s Creative Fellow has been making surprise appearances at Ubisoft’s E3 conferences in previous years. Each appearance preceded a blockbuster reveal: Mario and Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and Star Fox content in Starlink: Battle for Atlas. While not to that extent, whatever the reveal accompanying him is, it might make Microsoft’s show worth tuning into.

Will you be watching the Xbox E3 Briefing? What reveals would you want to see in today’s conference? If Miyamoto is there, what tricks do you think he has hiding up his sleeves? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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