Rumor: Metroid Prime 1 remaster for Switch has finished development

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This is a more complicated story than it sounds, so let’s start with the bottom line and then work our way far, far backwards: Industry insider Emily Rogers believes that development of a remaster or remake of Metroid Prime 1 for Nintendo Switch was finished this past summer, and additional context suggests that Retro Studios is the developer of the project.

Trilogy remaster / remake is out, and Metroid Prime 1 is in (and finished?)

Now let’s start backing up: Rumors about the return of the original trilogy of Metroid Prime games on Nintendo Switch have been floating around since at least 2019, when former Game Informer senior editor Imran Khan notably claimed the trilogy had “been long done” with development on Switch. In fact, just this past July, GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb claimed that Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch was “done and Nintendo is holding it.” However, all of that appears to be incorrect.

This past September, the narrative began to change substantially when Emily Rogers first stated that she had heard “Nintendo was busy working on Metroid Prime 1 to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary in 2022.” Then ResetEra user “Belmont” came forward with a story claiming that Retro Studios itself was actually working on a remaster / remake of Metroid Prime 1, and the original plan had been for Retro to do this for the whole trilogy. (Emily Rogers corroborates that development on a remaster began in 2017 or 2018.) But then Retro Studios was handed development of Metroid Prime 4 in early 2019, which complicated those efforts to redo the whole trilogy. Imran Khan subsequently acknowledged the veracity of Belmont’s story.

It is uncertain how much work has been done on the remaster / remake of Metroid Prime 2 and 3, but Rogers states today the plan was to use the tools and assets developed for the redo of Metroid Prime 1 as the foundation for the sequels. COVID may have further altered these plans though. In any case, that’s where the rumors and reports currently end. But if all the new information is relatively accurate, it seems a Metroid Prime 1 remaster or remake from Retro Studios could land on Nintendo Switch in 2022.


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