Rumor: Mass Effect Trilogy HD in the works, but Switch launch uncertain

BioWare EA Mass Effect Trilogy HD remaster Nintendo Switch launch release date

Yesterday, during the prepared remarks of their earnings call for the fiscal quarter, Electronic Arts (EA) CEO Andrew Wilson stated that they are bringing “multiple” games to Nintendo Switch this year. However, in total and across multiple platforms, EA is promising at least 14 new games this year. And VentureBeat is now reporting that a Mass Effect Trilogy HD remaster is among those titles.

The mention is casually inserted at the bottom of an article about EA’s coming releases, stating, “Oh, and that HD remaster of an EA game is the Mass Effect Trilogy. Just don’t expect that to also launch on Switch — at least not at first.” This brief mention is all we have to go on, suggesting that the BioWare trilogy will release on other platforms first and then, possibly, on Nintendo Switch later.

For what it’s worth, we ourselves at Nintendo Enthusiast have heard whisper about this HD remaster in the past, and we do believe this collection exists. We have heard nothing about potential platforms though. Switch definitely would be a pretty fantastic place for three lengthy role-playing space operas, so hopefully EA will feel the inspiration to port the trilogy sooner rather than later.

Are you hoping for a Mass Effect Trilogy HD remaster on Nintendo’s hybrid console, or is there a series you want to see even more from EA? Personally, I could really go for the original Dragon Age.


John Friscia
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