Rumor: A full Nintendo Direct may come this month

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We’d been waiting to report on this rumor, because lord knows you don’t want to get expectations too high where a Nintendo Direct is concerned. But there seems to be some plausibility to this, so here we go: An industry insider, Kelios, has stated on Resetera that a Nintendo Direct may be coming this month, potentially on Monday, July 20. What lends plausibility to the claim is that the user accurately pinpointed the date of the Direct Mini from this past March, in addition to some related events.

A previous report from VentureBeat stated the next Direct may not occur until as late as September, so that alone is reason to be cautious of this rumor. That same report also stated plans for a June E3-esque Nintendo Direct had been canceled due to first-party development delays stemming from COVID-19. Of course, plans are always in flux, including at Nintendo, so the possibility of a July Direct could really go either way.

If a full Nintendo Direct were to occur on July 20, that would place it past the release of Paper Mario: The Origami King, the only major release currently still on the books to release this year on Switch. There’s no telling what would be showcased at this event. There were rumors once upon a time of a new 2D Metroid, and it’s been quite a while since we heard anything about the Breath of the Wild sequel. There are also all the reports of the Super Mario remasters.

In any case, load up on salt, folks.


John Friscia
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