Rumor: Fortnite could cross over with Splatoon for gear drop

Nintendo battle royale Mario Zelda Splatoon rumor: Fortnite Splatoon crossover content

Attention all Fortnite players and Splatoon fans: We may have some good news for you. According to reliable data miner HYPEX, some Splatoon gear might be making its way to the game.

HYPEX discovered a new outfit and Back Bling in Fortnite‘s game files. Both of these include the word “SquidKid” in their file names. This leads us to a likely conclusion: Splatoon gear is headed to Fortnite.

This wouldn’t be that crazy of a crossover. Before, we’ve seen Fortnite crossover with Borderlands, Stranger Things, and The Avengers. Also, this wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo allowed other companies to use their properties for cosmetics. In the past, we’ve seen content for games like Monster Hunter and Bayonetta.

Plus, this is a good advertising opportunity for Nintendo. Tons of children play Fortnite daily, so Nintendo is making a very smart move by advertising its popular online shooter to them. In any case, I don’t think anybody expected this crossover. But it’s incredibly cool to hear that it could happen.

Do any of you hardcore Splatoon players enjoy Fortnite on the side? What do you guys think about Splatoon content coming to the game? Let us know how you feel!


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