Rumor: Fire Emblem remake is nearing completion

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Back in April, a rumor of spurious origins cropped up that a Fire Emblem remake was in development, and we swiftly debunked the source of that rumor. However, at that time we also noted that just because that source was illegitimate didn’t mean that Nintendo and Intelligent Systems couldn’t be working on such a project anyway. Along those lines, leaker Zippo stated back in May and has now reiterated that a Fire Emblem remake is indeed in development for Nintendo Switch and is allegedly nearing completion. Here is what Zippo most recently had to say on the subject:

Yes, this is very much happening. What I do not know currently is which Fire Emblem game is being remade. Fans seem to be split between either Genealogy of the Holy War, or The Burning Blade [sic, meant The Binding Blade]. Either would make sense, considering both titles have never seen an English language release. Again, I’ve been told once again that this is a game that is nearly complete, so I see Nintendo sitting on it until they’re good and ready to make [and when] I know more, I will make an update. Have some patience FE fans, you’re gonna be eating good before too long.

Zippo previously stated that Intelligent Systems is the developer of the Fire Emblem remake, which would make sense considering WayForward is the developer working on Advance Wars 1+2: ReBoot Camp, another Intelligent Systems IP. Of course, it’s important to emphasize all of this is still just rumors, though Zippo has a strong track record, most recently accurately predicting the return of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Metroid Dread. The leaker also claims a Donkey Kong animated project is in the works.


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