Rumor: Chip shortage forces Nintendo to cut Switch production 20%

Nintendo Switch production chip shortage tokyo police

Nintendo is on a roll, and Switch is selling like hotcakes. At this point, the only thing that can slow it down in the short term is the lack of availability. The global chip shortage has made it hard to keep up with demand, and Nintendo has previously stated that it was slowing down production. According to a new scoop from Japanese publication Nikkei, Nintendo has had to scale back production by about 20% from their previous plans.

Nintendo Switch production hit by chip shortage

If Nikkei’s reporting is accurate, Nintendo was planning to produce 30 million Switch consoles this year. Due to the chip shortage, that number has reportedly been scaled back to 24 million. However, it needs to be noted that Nintendo never publicly committed to 30 million. At their last investor briefing, they forecasted 25.5 million Switches for the fiscal year. Shortly after this, Nikkei claimed that they had internally ramped that up to 30 million, but Nintendo never confirmed this.

Nintendo’s next meeting with investors is later this week on November 4. If they’ve been forced to scale back Nintendo Switch production due to the chip shortage, we may hear about it there. However, it’s unlikely they would mention the rumored 30 million target. If they never promised that number to investors, there’s no reason to explain why they’re failing to reach it.

24 million is still an extremely healthy number of consoles to sell in the fifth year of a cycle. Nintendo also has a strong lineup of games planned for 2022 and may choose to release new hardware then. The fact that demand for Nintendo Switch is still exceeding production bodes well for the console’s sustained popularity.


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