Rumor: Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Coming to Wii U?

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare skipped the Wii U last year, after having Black Ops 2 and Ghosts on the console. Many thought this would signal the end of the Call of Duty franchise on the console. However, it now appears that there is a chance Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is actually coming to the Wii U.

The evidence is in the pictures below. Last year, this was on the Call of Duty page when Advanced Warfare was gearing up for release:


As you can see, no mention of any Nintendo platforms. However, now all of a sudden we have mention of Nintendo Network.


So why would the Nintendo Network ID all of a sudden be included if the latest entry wasn’t coming to the console? Sure, it’s speculation now, but there may be more to this story than meets the eye. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Shawn Long
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