Rumor: Arkham Legacy will be new Batman game, have ‘playable family’

Batman: Arkham Legacy playable family WB Games Montreal DC Comics

We know for sure that WB Games Montreal is working on a new DC Comics video game for consoles, and official teasers on social media from last month all but guarantee the new title is another Batman game. They previously released Batman: Arkham Origins, the only major Arkham game till now not originally developed by Rocksteady Studios. Now, leaker-with-a-good-track-record Sabi is suggesting the new game is called Batman: Arkham Legacy and will involve a “playable family.”

Aside from claiming to possess images of the alleged game, Sabi provides no additional details on the DC Comics project. However, it can be extrapolated that the “playable family” refers to the big Bat family, including the likes of Batman, Robin, Red Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, Batwoman, Red Hood, and any other random character who might have entered the mythos since I stopped reading his comics. If this is the case, it should allow for different fighting styles with different sorts of gadgets. It would be kind of funny if you can play as Red Hood and just shoot guys in the face.

Twitter shenanigans from last month made it appear that the new WB Games Montreal Batman game would focus on the Court of Owls story arc, but a lack of corroborating details since then throw that position into doubt. The alleged Arkham Legacy could be about anything, including the Owls.

Are you excited at the prospect of a Batman: Arkham Legacy, or are you just ready for this franchise to die already so that someone will dare to try a new take on the Batman franchise?


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