Rumor: Alan Wake remaster could get woke on Nintendo Switch

Virtuos Alan Wake remaster on Nintendo Switch rumor

YouTuber Doctre81 has a pretty good angle. He dives into LinkedIn profiles looking for potential news on upcoming games, and then he shares it with the world. Recently on LinkedIn, he found evidence that a AAA “action adventure game remake” with destructible elements was in the works at Virtuos. This company is known among other things for great port jobs, including Nintendo Switch ports. (Virtuos is handling The Outer Worlds for Nintendo Switch, in fact.) Now, based on the details available, Doctre81 thinks the game in question is an Alan Wake remaster.

For starters, Virtuos has an existing relationship with Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment because Virtuos assisted in the creation of their game Quantum Break. Remedy recently reobtained the rights to publish Alan Wake on consoles, the game has not seen a remaster yet, and the game is an action adventure with destructible environments.

Granted, this is all a theory and of course must be treated as strictly a rumor. And even if the theory is correct, it doesn’t guarantee that the game would have to come to Nintendo Switch, even though there would presumably be no reason not to.

What do you make of the theory? And would you be happy to see Virtuos port Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake to Switch?


John Friscia
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