Rumor: Aladdin and Lion King game HD remasters coming in October

Rumor: GameStop Aladdin and Lion King game HD remasters coming in October

Folks, the internet is full of liars and crazy people, so take this as the rumorest of rumors at the moment. But Twitter user @wolverinefactor is reporting that, at a GameStop conference held today, HD remasters of the classic Aladdin and The Lion King games were announced. They will allegedly be available for preorder at GameStop starting tomorrow and release in October.

What adds credibility to these tweets is the fact that user @Wario64 retweeted them. This user has a reputation for breaking big news and leaks and, in general, has a track record of high credibility.

This is the full extent of information currently available. Remastering both Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis versions of Aladdin and The Lion King could be quite the undertaking. (For the kids out there who don’t know — back in the day, it wasn’t unusual for the SNES version of a licensed game to be very different from the Sega Genesis version, or for licensed games to be made by totally differently developers on different consoles.) The Lion King released most famously on Super Nintendo and Genesis but appeared on NES and PC as well. A Capcom Aladdin released on SNES while a Virgin Games Aladdin released on Genesis.

Stay tuned for updates on these alleged HD remasters, and as always, remember — this is such a rumor.

[Update: GameXplain is saying this rumor is true and has provided an image of the box art taken at the convention. You may view the video below.]


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