Rumor: 2D Metroid and a traditional Paper Mario to release in 2020

Sabi leak rumor 2D Metroid Fusion sequel Paper Mario RPG traditional

Ahh, the land of rumors, where anything can be true and everyone’s uncle works at Nintendo. That being said, there are established video game news leakers with strong track records, and Sabi on Twitter ranks highly among the trusted leakers for Nintendo news. And Sabi has just dropped a bombshell to end this Friday night, claiming a new 2D Metroid and a Paper Mario that goes “back to what it was” are both releasing in 2020 for Nintendo Switch. The 2D Metroid is said to be related to Metroid Fusion, with Sabi believing it’s a sequel.

If these rumors pan out, it will make Nintendo fans across a broad spectrum explosively happy. Fans have been begging desperately for a traditional Paper Mario RPG for over a decade, as more experimental titles like Sticker Star have received a lukewarm reception. A return to basics could be in order to revitalize the series, especially now that Mario & Luigi very well could be dead. And incidentally, it has been spotted that another leaker, Zippo, made mention of a Paper Mario in development that is a “return to form” as well.

Meanwhile, Metroid Prime 4 looks to be potentially years away still, and a new 2D Metroid related to Metroid Fusion could really scratch an itch as well. Personally, I loved Metroid: Samus Returns on Nintendo 3DS, and I would be more than happy to play a brand new title in the franchise that dares to remix some mechanics the way that game did.

What do you make of these rumors? Are they too good to be true, or do you want to believe? I’m the latter on this one! I love a good delusion.


John Friscia
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