Rumor: 1-2-Switch sequel is in development (and the crowd goes mild)

1-2-Switch sequel 1-2-Switch 2 Nintendo Switch game in development rumor Zippo Emily Rogers

Last month, industry insider Emily Rogers let slip that Nintendo has plans to release a sequel to a “casual game” on Nintendo Switch in 2022, and her phrasing implied that it was for a game that would not garner a lot of excitement. A lot of people thus speculated that the game in question may be a sequel to 1-2-Switch, a Nintendo Switch launch game that critics felt played like a crappy tech demo for the Joy-Con and was a waste of $50. It seems that speculation may indeed be accurate, as Zippo, a leaker with a solid track record, now claims a 1-2-Switch sequel is in development.

Zippo didn’t specify a release window or any other details but kind of implied the game will arrive in 2022. So, that’s all we have to go off of right now. However, even though 1-2-Switch received a terrible critical reception, it sold a few million units anyway due to being a Switch launch game and a Nintendo-branded casual experience that the whole family could try. From a financial perspective, it makes sense to go back to the well and try to drum up a few million more sales. It remains to be seen if a 1-2-Switch sequel could succeed in the much more saturated Switch game library of today though, especially if it neglects to bring any quality upgrades.


John Friscia
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