Gamblin’ Man: Take a gander at the scarce Mario Roulette arcade cabinet


Back in the ’90s, Konami was a respected and talented developer. It created game series like Castlevania and Contra for many different companies, including Sega, Sony, and Nintendo. However, what many gamers might not know is that Konami made a special arcade game with Nintendo back in 1991. That title is known as the Japan-only Mario Roulette.

I bet I’m likely to lose money on this

Recently, some footage of Mario Roulette was unearthed on YouTube:

Riveting gameplay. This machine wouldn’t be out of place in a casino.

Basically, Mario Roulette is nothing more than a modified version of the bonus game in Super Mario World. Except instead of having the chance to win extra lives, you can bet cold hard cash and possibly get a big payout of special medals.

Luckily, Nintendo has gone on and created better games than Mario Roulette. The company even graced the world with the lovable Switch. On the contrary, Konami got a taste of the gambling bug with this Nintendo collaboration. Nowadays, it is more interested in pachinko machines than video games. At least Konami blessed Smash Bros. Ultimate with the Belmont family.

Readers, what are your thoughts on this relic from the past? Are you like me and feel the Super Mario World theme sounds worse on this arcade cabinet than the original game on SNES? Let us know with a detailed comment below!

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