Root Film is the latest murdery mystery from Kadokawa Games

Root Film key art

Root Letter, the murdery mystery game about a long-lost pen pal, first released back in 2016. While it didn’t make massive waves, it did well enough for Kadokawa Games to warrant turning it into a massive multi-media franchise. A film adaptation starring Danny Ramirez is currently in development, and a remake of the game featuring new live-action visuals was also released last year. Now, PQube has announced that they will publish Root Film, the follow-up game in what is now apparently a “Root” franchise, in the West.

While Root Film takes place in the same small-town Japanese prefecture of Shimane as Root Letter did, the story and cast are entirely different. Root Film focuses on a television series called “Shimane Mystery Drama Project” that was mysteriously canceled 10 years ago. When a team of film-makers and actors are enlisted to reboot the project, they’re quickly met with mysterious tragedy as a horrible murder occurs during pre-production. It’s up to our two protagonists, film director Yagumo Rintaro and young actress Riho, to figure out the truth behind the murders haunting their production.

Like Root Letter, Root Film tasks you with collecting evidence and keywords through investigations and interviews. Once you’ve done that, you can confront certain characters in Max Mode and use the evidence you’ve collected to face off with them in a battle of words. You’ll be pulling double duty thanks to the Zapping system of Root Film, which has you experiencing the events of the story from the differing perspectives of both our protagonists.

Root Film currently does not have a release date, but it’s set to release on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.


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