RomUniverse owner suggests return, Nintendo pursues further legal action

Rom Universe

The owner of ROM site RomUniverse recently suggested to Nintendo that he might be considering restarting his defunct site, prompting the company to pursue further legal action against him.

RomUniverse vs Nintendo

The ongoing situation involves RomUniverse owner Matthew Storman being carried to court by Nintendo, a legal battle that first started back in 2019. Nintendo smacked Storman with a lawsuit, and the company was awarded $2.1 million by a judge to be paid by Storman. The site was shut down in 2019 following the case. Nintendo wanted to hit Storman with a permanent injunction so as to make sure that RomUniverse would remain deactivated, but was denied due to the site’s closure. Even so, it looks like Nintendo may potentially have grounds to pursue this avenue yet again.

As reported by Torrent Freak, Nintendo explained to the court that Mr. Storman “threatened” to reactivate RomUniverse, though it would lack any Nintendo content. Even so, Nintendo would much rather see the site be taken down entirely and is now once again trying to pursue a permanent injunction to do just so.


Running them ragged

Mr. Storman has not been honoring his legal requirement to pay Nintendo $50 monthly to amass the aforementioned $2.1 million lawsuit. Rather than paying, Mr. Storman argues that the company doesn’t even need this money due to it not suffering “actual damages” and he also casts doubt by questioning if “game copyrights were registered on time.”

Nintendo is one of the few gaming companies that actively pursue sites that contain ROMs and emulators. Now famously, the company went after the owners of other big sites like LoveROMs/LoveRetro, and spooked others like EmuParadise so much that they quit preemptively. It’s outcomes like these that no doubt fuel to the Big N’s attitude to keep being aggressive towards any ROM site it seems to come across. Not to mention that these cases keep setting precedents, thus further disincentivizing existing sites to keep it up.


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