Rogue Company Extraction limited mode released with a tutorial video

Rogue Company Extraction limited-time mode released with a tutorial video Hi-Rez Studios

Rogue Company Extraction game mode has just been released. The limited-time mode introduces higher stakes within each match and provides an experience that isn’t too dissimilar to what you’d find in Rainbow Six Siege. Hi-Rez Studios also released a handy tutorial for the game mode to help you get stuck in.

There are a few core elements to the Rogue Company Extraction mode. First, there’s hacking an objective as quickly as possible. This will start a timer, within which the enemy team has a chance to hack the objective right back. However, hacking the objective is risky because players only have one life per match in Extraction. In turn, that means that like in Rainbow Six Siege‘s game modes, it’s possible to kill every member of the enemy team and win the match.

However you choose to try to win Extraction matches, the first team to win seven rounds wins the match. Time will tell how players choose to operate in this limited-time mode, but it is only available to queue up in through Monday, Aug. 17. The new game mode further, if briefly, diversifies Rogue Company‘s offerings. It also makes the game feel like it has more to offer for the fairly steep price that you need to pay for it at the moment.


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