Rocksteady will not be at E3 this year… again

Rocksteady will not be at E3 this year

Rocksteady Studios will not be making an appearance at this year’s E3. Sefton Hill, one of Rocksteady’s founders, recently addressed this on Twitter.

While it’s unfortunate that we won’t see anything from Rocksteady this year, we can still be excited about what’s next. Sefton Hill confirmed a new project was in the works during a Reddit AMA back in 2016.

As for what we can expect this to be, nobody really knows. The only thing Hill confirmed is that it’s not a Superman game. For all we know, they could be working on another Batman title.

During the same AMA, Hill also mentioned he wanted the community to be “heavily involved” in their next project. We have no clue what this could mean, but it seems to imply that the game could have heavy multiplayer components.

We also don’t know what kind of platform they’re developing for either. Rocksteady has never made a game on a Nintendo platform. Even Arkham City: Armored Edition was ported by Warner Bros. Games.

Whatever it is, we look forward to seeing what Rocksteady has in store. Here’s to hoping it will be on a Nintendo platform!

What do you think Rocksteady is up to? When do you think we’ll see it? Let us know in the comments below!


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