Rock\'N Racing Off Road Nearing Completion; Throwback to NES/SNES Topdown Racers

EnjoyUp Games has been releasing a steady stream of quality titles across Nintendo platforms, such as games like Abyss and Unepic on the Wii U. EnjoyUp Games has been quietly working on Rock\’N Racing Off Road for the Wii U, and it seems like it will be nearing completion soon.

@JeGeekJePlay Thanks! Now Rock´n Racing Off Road is about the 90% of development on #WiiU ! @NintendoAmerica

— EnjoyUp (@enjoyupgames) September 7, 2014

 Rock\’N Racing Off Road is a throwback to classic NES and SNES racing games that featured a top-down perspective such as the legendary R.C. Pro Am series which many fans have fond memories of. Rock\’N Road Off Road will feature that same sort of game play with modern graphics, and could become yet another great game from EnjoyUp Games. For more information on the game, be sure to take a look at Jason Lepine’s original Indie Corner spotlight on racing games by clicking here.

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