Rockman XZ: Time Rift is a new Mega Man mobile game

Rockman XZ: Time Rift mobile Android iOS probably NebulaJoy Yunchang Games China Chinese developer Capcom licensed game Mega Man X Zero ZX

Although Capcom could always surprise us in a big way, the renowned Japanese publisher is not currently expected to show off anything too earth-shattering at its E3 2021 showcase today. Nevertheless, there is some highly intriguing Capcom news to discuss. As discovered and reported by Rockman Corner, Chinese developer NebulaJoy (also known as Yunchang Games) is developing Rockman XZ: Time Rift for mobile devices as a fully licensed Capcom game.

NebulaJoy actually quietly announced Rockman XZ: Time Rift in September 2020 with a logo, and no other official details are available about the game except that it will apparently be unveiled this year. There is evidently a recent NebulaJoy job listing for designers and planners experienced in “horizontal action games” that could potentially be related to the title as well, Rockman Corner notes. NebulaJoy already enjoys a working relationship with Capcom, having recently released Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat on mobile devices in China.

Typically, a game logo isn’t much to go on, but the use of the Mega Man X series “X” symbol and the Mega Man Zero series “Z” symbol in the Rockman XZ: Time Rift logo suggests that the two timelines will converge in some way, as opposed to this being a spin-off of the Mega Man ZX series from Nintendo DS. Whatever this game turns out to be, it’s an exciting development for the Mega Man franchise while we await the next major new console entry, which is anticipated by some to be coming in 2022.

At present, Mega Man X DiVE (developed by Capcom Taiwan) is enjoying popularity internationally as a Mega Man X mobile game, and there is evidence to support that the game may come to Steam in the near-ish future.


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