Rocket League on Switch will soon support split-screen again

Rocket League - Switch

Rocket League is one of the hottest multiplayer games on the market. After jumping onto Switch back in 2017, the game retained its same level of frantic multiplayer action on the hybrid system. Somewhere along the way, however, that multiplayer action went from being in flavors of both local and online to just online. Port studio Panic Button removed the feature for split-screen matches in one of the game’s updates, and it’s missing for quite some time now. Now, after all this time, the feature is about to make a comeback.

It was initially teased a few weeks ago, but now Panic Button has confirmed that Rocket League players on Nintendo Switch will be able to enjoy local matches with their friends again as of December 9, 2020. This return to form will be apart of the new Season 2 update which also drops on the same day.

Alongside the return of split-screen matches, the Season 2 update for Rocket League will drop in other goodies like a new EDM-inspired environment, Neon Fields. The new playing grounds will also come along with accompanying music party cosmetic items to trick out your rocket-powered ride with.

Rocket League was initially a pay-to-play title, but just a few months ago it went free-to-play. This also removed the restriction of requiring a Switch Online subscription to access online multiplayer. So, you’ll be able to jump in and enjoy multiplayer matches right away both off and online even if you’ve never played the game before.

Rocket League was one of the first super-impressive ports to the Switch. Developers Panic Button did a great job at bringing Psyonix’s frenetic sports title over to the hybrid. While it doesn’t have the same level of eye candy as the other versions of the game, it really doesn’t need it considering the high-octane gameplay remains fun no matter the visual quality. Here’s the game in action on Switch:

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