Rocket League is getting James Bond’s Aston Martin

Rocket League

Rocket League is getting one of the most iconic cars from the James Bond series – the Aston Martin DB5. The car first appeared in Goldfinger before reappearing in several other movies, such as GoldenEyeThe World is Not EnoughCasino RoyaleSkyfall, and Spectre. The car will be available later today, July 29.

Any remotely famous vehicle seems like a perfect fit for Rocket League, so I’m mostly just surprised to learn that the car hadn’t appeared in the game yet. The free-to-play sensation has racked up a massive roster of incredible hot rods, so it’s only fitting that the James Bond-mobile has a spot.

The Aston Martin DB5 will be available in Rocket League for only a short amount of time – it goes off the market on August 4. The car is sold in an 1100 credit bundle with a few special parts that can only be equipped on the Aston Martin DB5, including the wheels, the unique engine audio, Silver Birch paint, and a Reel Life decal.

Are you interested in grabbing James Bond’s classic vehicle? Are you in the habit of collecting cool cars in Rocket League in the first place? Have you dabbled in the game since it went free-to-play? Sound off in the comment section below.


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