Rocket League goes free to play on Switch next week

Rocket League free to play release date September 23 Psyonix Epic Games update

Fans kept wanting to know when Rocket League would officially become free to play on Nintendo Switch and other platforms. Psyonix kept responding with a cutesy shrug and wink. But no longer! Psyonix has finally announced that the car soccer esport game will become free to play on Sept. 23. In preparation of this event, an update will drop tomorrow that includes cross-platform progression with an Epic Games account, the granting of “Legacy Status” and gifts for currently existing players, and the introduction of Support-A-Creator functionality for the game from Epic Games.

The Rocket League update tomorrow will additionally bring new Quick Chats, Heatseeker in private matches, larger item pools for trade-ups, a new bot difficulty, a new Merc hit box, Monstercat track remixes, and more. If all that’s not enough for you, check out this new cinematic trailer for the free-to-play shift, which conveys nothing whatsoever about gameplay or modes but looks neat.

Rocket League originally launched in 2015, and it’s basically been a license to print money ever since, even inspiring viable esports. Epic Games was acutely aware of the game’s success, as it bought developer Psyonix back in the second quarter of 2019. We shall see how much further the player base expands when Rocket League goes free to play on Sept. 23.


John Friscia
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