Voxel-fueled co-op adventure Riverbond will land on Switch in 2019


Last October at EGLX 2018, when I was not preparing for the “Top Ten Nintendo Games” panel, I was on the show floor demoing lots of different indie games that showcased a whole range of creative mechanics, graphical styles, and designs. One title I spent a lot of time with was Riverbond, a cooperative voxel-art action title. The game was fairly simple, but had an incredibly relaxing design and soundtrack. The worlds were all very colorful, and it was immensely satisfying watching enemies and terrain burst into little voxel bits as my party of four quirky characters wreaked havoc and hunted for treasure. At the time, the game was only slated for release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but now, Riverbond will be slashing its way onto Switch. Check out the announcement trailer below to get an eyeful of all of the voxel glory.

Riverbond will make its way to Switch later in 2019. Included in its eight worlds will be a brand new level that makes its debut on Switch before releasing on PC and PS4 as DLC. If you enjoy co-op games, this is certainly one to keep your eye on–I know I will be waiting patiently for the chance to play this game on Switch.


Nick Pearson
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