Risk, Trivial Pursuit Live! And Hasbro Game Night heading to Switch in October

Move over Super Mario Party, we have some new cool virtual board games heading to Switch next month. Ubisoft just announced that Risk, Trivial Pursuit Live! and Hasbro Game Night will launch on the Nintendo Switch. This is a great alternative for players to play some of these games on the go and even host their own game nights without setting up traditional board games.

I think this is a great idea. You can be sure I will check out one of these.

Nintendo Switch owners looking to scratch a board-game itch will have new options this fall, when the Risk and Trivial Pursuit Live! videogames arrive on the platform as digital downloads with exclusive new features. Both games will also be available as part of the Hasbro Game Night for Nintendo Switch compilation, along with Monopoly for Nintendo Switch, already available as a standalone.

Trivial Pursuit Live!

Trivia buffs will love this one on-the-go and with the added features it will take your family game night to a whole new level. With the portability of the Nintendo Switch, you no longer need to carry around the bulky box.

  • Players compete in teams or one-on-one in Versus Mode
  • Supports up to three friends in local multi-console mode.
  • Includes 1,800 up-to-date questions
  • 650 kid-friendly family questions.


  • Improved pacing
  • New top view
  • Graphical, UI and Online Enhancements
  • Touchscreen features exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

Monopoly will also be included!

Both of these games are part of Hasbro Game Night launching Oct. 30, just in time for some Halloween gaming! What do our readers think of this news? Will you want to relive your childhood by playing these updated versions on your switch or will you stick with  Super Mario Party? As always, let us here at Nintendo Enthusiast know. Happy gaming!



Tarah Bleier