Rise of the Third Power, RPG from the Ara Fell dev, launches in February

Rise of the Third Power release date Nintendo Switch PS4 Xbox One PC RPG Stegosoft Games Dangen Entertainment PlayStation 4

Publisher Dangen Entertainment and developer Stegosoft Games have announced a February 10, 2022 release date for RPG Rise of the Third Power on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Stegosoft Games is a two-person developer best known for developing Ara Fell, a well-received open-world 2D RPG that got an enhanced Switch port in 2020. Rise of the Third Power aims to deliver a SNES RPG throwback experience with its 16-bit stylings in a “35+ hour story-focused quest,” and its release date trailer certainly has some SNES and PlayStation 1 vibes to it.

The game will provide upward of eight playable characters, and they are on a “suicide mission” to stop a war and defeat whoever the Arkadyan emperor is. The story is linear but will provide the usual wealth of optional sidequests, and you can save anywhere. There are also different difficulty settings you can switch between, including the ability to skip fights outright in “Story” difficulty (which was recently used to great effect in the otherwise lackluster Ruined King).

Gameplay-wise, Rise of the Third Power emphasizes regular use of unique skills, which obviates use of a standard “Attack” command. Another break from the norm is that all character equipment found functions as a permanent, distinct upgrade instead of a disposable thing to sell at a shop. (That reminds me of how all items were unique and reusable in Cosmic Star Heroine.) Characters can also be swapped out mid-battle, and you can see the order of who’s attacking next, which all sounds Final Fantasy X-ish. And lastly, the battle system allows for team abilities, probably in a Chrono Trigger-ish way.

Rise of the Third Power has its release date set, and it all sounds like a lot of fun. My only nitpick about the game is its promotional art — it’s just not that good, as was the case with Ara Fell. Stegosoft would be well served to commission one of the hundreds of extremely talented artists on Twitter for something with better coloring and dimensionality, because flat art like this makes the game feel “budget” as opposed to simply “indie.”

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