Ring Fit Adventure is selling like crazy in China partially due to coronavirus

Ring Fit Adventure coronavirus China Chinese resellers stockpile over $250

We can all agree that coronavirus is an awful, heartbreaking thing. It’s killed over 2,000 people so far, and it has affected the video game industry in multifaceted ways in Asia, including delaying The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch and threatening international shortages of Switch. However, one especially odd and roundabout consequence of coronavirus in China is that it is reportedly causing Chinese resellers to stockpile copies of Ring Fit Adventure, selling it for over $250.

According to Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad, the extreme demand for Ring Fit Adventure is a combination of global shortages, viral videos making the game look fun, and Chinese people being stuck inside their houses all day from the virus. On that last point, Chinese gamers of course have many gaming options, especially on PC and mobile, but Ring Fit is just the hot thing right now. And trying to stay fit during an epidemic just intuitively sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it?

This case of Ring Fit Adventure in China brings some needed levity. However, Niko Partners reports that “Whilst Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have recently taken steps to move some production outside of China, a 2018 report from the three platform holders stated that 96% of video game consoles imported into the US are manufactured in China.” Gray clouds will continue to loom over the games industry.


John Friscia
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