Reviews & Ethics policy

A foreword from our publisher

Look, the site is called “Nintendo Enthusiast,” but that doesn’t mean we’re any softer on Nintendo products.  It primarily means we focus on them exclusively. Our writing team owns and enjoys other gaming systems (heresy!) which means we maintain a realistic view of what a modern good video game should be, regardless of platform.  Our mission at Nintendo Enthusiast is to become one of the best, most accurate resources for the Nintendo games consumer. Read our site mission

Ethics Disclosure

We are in no way affiliated with Nintendo. We are a wholly owned part of Enthusiast Gaming, a private journalism company that publishes a family of other websites, such as Destructoid, Daily Esports, Gamnesia, PC Invasion, and many others.

As a long-time member of the gaming press, we frequently are approached to review products for our readership.  In every such situation, you can be sure that no dollar amounts, direct or indirect through advertising/travel/gifts were exchanged for the placement or inclusion of a game for review, and that all review codes provided by the developer or publisher for review are disclosed as such.  Unless otherwise stated, our company purchased the product directly for review.


Scoring System

10 – DOES NOT MEAN PERFECTION. Nothing is perfect. A 10 should be reserved for a game that everyone needs to play and experience regardless of whether or not they are fans of the genre. A game that transcends genres due to something such as an amazing story or incredible emotions. If this sounds rare, it should be. That’s why it’s a 10.

9 – Tops in genre. As close to perfect as you can get for the genre, but doesn’t transcend the genre. An amazing action/RPG could do everything well and be the best in its genre. If it stops at being the best action/RPG, but doesn’t escalate to something where someone who’s not a fan of the genre needs to play, then it can’t be a 10.

8  – Great Game.  A solid title, despite couple of minor omissions/glitches/bugs/errors which set it back, it would be top. These minor flaws will impact gameplay slightly, and could also be something as simple as an omitted feature which would have improved the game

7 – Very good. A game that all players will enjoy. Non-fans would probably like the game, but shouldn’t rush out to get it. Lasting appeal and intrigue to come back for more. More positive aspects and few negatives, but enough in either quantity or severity to have an impact on gameplay execution. Range allows for analysis of the level of impact negative aspects have on game.

6 – Above Average. Decent game that fans of the genre will definitely enjoy. More positives than negatives that may make the game stand out initially, but that will fade and lose its appeal rather quickly with no lasting appeal or ability to lure players back in.

5 – Average. Switzerland. Doesn’t do anything to stand out or differentiate itself from others in the genre, positively or negatively, when it comes to high or low points. Despite that, Switzerland can be pretty sweet, especially if you’re from there. Devs – please bear in mind that you all live in Switzerland when talking to the gaming press.

4 – Below Average. Has potential but cannot deliver, although the idea of the game has promise. This is lost in the fray of negatives, which are high in number and great in severity. Possible to salvage if changes were made, but doubtful.

2 – 3 Bad. So much wrong with the game, both functionally and in premise, that there is no hope to save it. Maybe a couple of minimal positives, but that is all and nothing of substance.

1 – Awful. Not a single thing good with the game and impossible to salvage. Everything from premise to execution fails to deliver. If this also sounds rare, it should be. It’s terrible.