Rumor: Next Pokémon Direct date is already revealed in last Direct


Today appears to be THE day for Pokémon Sword and Shield speculation. In particular, fans are parsing yesterday’s Direct for any details that suggest new information ahead of the game’s launch. Today, eagle-eyed Twitter user Aero spotted something that might give the next Pokémon Direct’s release date away. August 31, 2019, appears to be the date revealed during the section discussing gym battles.

Revealed Direct? Show me some more Pokémon!

Here is Aero’s Tweet in full:

This is some top-notch detective work.

It’s hard to argue with Aero’s logic. All the previous Direct date references have appeared on the day they have aired. In addition, numerology has turned out to be sorta right before.

Granted, Gym Leader Milo’s jersey is teasing a date in advance instead of in the present. However, there is a first time for everything. My money is on Nintendo providing some additional light details on Pokémon Sword and Shield during E3 and then more substantial information sometime in August. That way all the Pokéfanatics will be at a fever pitch once November rolls around.

Esteemed readers, what are your thoughts on Aero’s theory? Do you see another Pokémon Direct airing in two months’ time? Let us know your own guesswork by leaving a comment below.

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