Re:Turn – One Way Trip will scare Switch players next week

Re:Turn - One Way Trip

If you find yourself with a persistent appetite for spooks even after Halloween passes, you may want to give Re:Turn – One Way Trip a look when it releases on Switch and PS4 next week on November 7 (or, you could try it now on PC or Xbox One). With an $11.99 price tag, this 2D horror game offers players a budget horror experience as they assume the role of Saki, a college girl who must explore a mysterious, abandoned, and terrifying train in search of her missing friends. If that description has you interested, check out the launch trailer below.

The slightly unsettling soundtrack and intriguing premise are both pretty evident within that trailer, though I am not sure how many spooks will survive those pixelated graphics. I think that it is a real shame that Re:Turn – One Way Trip could not make it out on PS4 and Switch in time for Halloween, because it really seems like the sort of adventure to take in over a few lonely October nights. I think that I am going to be skipping this one, even with the budget price.

What do you think? Does Re:Turn – One Way Trip seem spooky enough for your tastes, or will you be too busy anticipating other holidays by the time it releases on Switch? Let us know in the comments below.


Nick Pearson
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