Retro: Video showcases Pokémon Snap as a Game Boy Color demake

Pokémon Snap demake

New Pokémon Snap is launching tomorrow! And with a new game release comes another video demake showing what a series could have looked like on older hardware. Once again, the folks over at Nintendo Wire have released a YouTube clip imagining a Pokémon title as a retro adventure. This time we are witnessing the original Pokémon Snap as a Game Boy Color demake.

This project proves we could have had a portable Pokémon Snap before Switch

Have a look at the animation below, with work done by the talented Rotobit:

That is quite the bumping soundtrack. The graphics and movement are great, too. I especially like the transitions from being on the cart to viewing various Pokémon through the camera lens. Hell, even Pikachu’s voice sounds just as grating as it did in Pokémon Yellow!

For such a specific idea, the video is quite expansive. We see a whole level represented here, complete with the attempted murder of Meowth. Also, Professor Oak shows up to judge your photos, just like in the Nintendo 64 original. He’s not as judgy as he was when I played as a kid, but I probably just took terrible pictures.

Enthusiasts, what do you think of this Game Boy Color demake of Pokémon Snap? Would you have bought this as a companion piece to the N64 version back in the day? Let us know below.


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