Retro Studios is still seeking art director for Metroid Prime 4, 7 months later

Retro Studios still seeking Metroid Prime 4 art director

Good help must be hard to find. Retro Studios has tweeted out that they are looking for an art director forĀ Metroid Prime 4, which is nothing terribly unusual. Companies put out job listings all the time. However, what’s pretty surprising is that this job listing has been around since last November.

Hiring in general has been ramping up at the studio in recent months. And if this art director listing is any indication, Retro is being extremely picky about who they want to deliver their vision of Metroid Prime 4. In all likelihood, that’s a very good thing. This is not a video game that the raging nerd public will forgive easily if it turns out to garbage.

That said, the game is obviously already in development. Without an art director, Retro Studios is probably focusing on getting the core fundamentals of gameplay right, which is a pretty herculean task on its own.

More broadly, these are turbulent times for hiring in the video game industry. Activision and EA are letting people go. Retro and (especially) Monolith Soft are saying, “Welcome aboard!” At the very least, things are looking pretty healthy on Nintendo’s side of the fence.

If you’re an experienced artist in the game industry, hop on over to Retro Studio’s job page.


John Friscia
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