Retro Studios is hiring for Metroid Prime 4 development

Metroid Prime 4 Retro Studios hiring staff

It was really admirable when, out of the blue, Nintendo published a video admitting that Metroid Prime 4 development had failed and they were starting over from scratch. It was also totally crazy when they revealed Retro Studios — the developer of the other Prime games — would be coming back to help the new development. Now, Retro Studios has announced it is hiring more staff to help develop this massive game.

If you just so happen to be a “world-class” developer and live in Texas, or are willing to relocate to Texas, then you better hop on those job listings ASAP. The chance to work on freakin’ Metroid doesn’t just turn up every day, and Metroid Prime 4 is one of the most anticipated games for Switch in spite of its being so early in development.


John Friscia
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