Retro Studios hiring product testers and a storyboard artist

Retro Studios hiring Metroid Prime 4 lead producer lead graphics engineer lead animator boss ai designer

The announcement of Metroid Prime 4 feels like a decades-old event, and we’re still none the wiser on how the game looks. In the years since its reveal and subsequent cancellation/new start under developer Retro Studios, we’ve reported on multiple job roles looking to be filled at Retro Studios, some of which have yet to be filled over a year later. However, in the past couple weeks, the studio has added even a few more job listings.

Chief among them are three product testing roles, on a contract basis. While it seems like there is still a lot of developing to do on Metroid Prime 4, product testing at least alludes to something playable, presuming the testing roles are for that game. Hopefully these contractors are acquired imminently, and Retro might soon be ready to show off a build of something.

One less encouraging job listing is for a contract storyboard artist — less encouraging since that’s a skill set you might expect to come into play earlier in the game’s development. Again, this presumes the role is forĀ Metroid Prime 4 development.

Last month, we reported that ex-God Of War level designer Jon Marcella had joined Retro Studios. With all of this job availability, and the lack of development updates from Retro Studios, we’d assume Metroid Prime 4 is a way off yet.


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