Retro Studios adds Warhawk director as director of development

PS3 PlayStation 3 Warhawk director Dylan Jobe Retro Studios director of development Metroid Prime 4

Bit by excruciatingly slow bit, Retro Studios is assembling the workforce that will, presumably, build Metroid Prime 4. Most recently, VGC is reporting that Retro Studios has hired Dylan Jobe as its director of development. Jobe was the director of the critically well-received multiplayer third-person shooter Warhawk on PlayStation 3, which released in 2007.

Jobe’s LinkedIn is filled with imaginary, silly former job descriptions as a joke, like “Level:4 Pre-Birth Conditioning Package” at Fetus Maximus, but he’s the real deal. His page at game credits tracker Moby Games corroborates that, since Warhawk, he has worked on the likes of ReCore, Doom, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered in various capacities.

Per a job description, as director of development at Retro Studios, Jobe will have a vast multitude of duties, including defining and realizing long-term studio development goals, managing project schedules and scope, and coordinating between departments to meet goals. It’s all of the high-level stuff you would expect.

In any case, Metroid Prime 4 staffing can use all the help it can get. As of last month, Retro Studios was still seeking a lead producer, among other things, for the game. However, at this point, the studio has acquired talent from a multitude of backgrounds, including from 343 Industries, EA Dice, and Crytek. Hopefully, a “dream team” is in the works here.


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