Take me back: Level-5 shows gamers what a retro Ni no Kuni would look like

retro Ni no Kuni

Demakes are cool. There is something nostalgic about visualizing what our current favorite video games would look like and sound like on older hardware. Quick to latch onto these feelings is Dutton Films, a video production company. Level-5 recently commissioned the group to create a trailer for a hypothetical retro Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. The results are impressive.

Just add a retro Ni no Kuni to the Switch port, just like Dragon Quest XI

Check out the trailer for the imagining below, courtesy of Level-5’s official YouTube channel:

Gorgeous. Also, this is ambitious for a fun little side project, seeing as how the clip is over 10 minutes long. As someone who never played Ni no Kuni, I hope the entirety of the title’s plot wasn’t spoiled during this animation. It sure looks like a lot of drama happens!

The sounds and music in the video invoke games of yesteryear. Something like this would feel right at home on the original PlayStation. Maybe one day, Level-5 will create a full-fledged retro Ni no Kuni demake. Or it can add it to the existing game as a hefty piece of DLC for a reasonable price.

If you think Dutton Films has a knack for demaking things, check out its other projects here. And let us know what you thought of the retro Ni no Kuni below!

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