Retro hires Master Chief modeler as Metroid Prime 4’s lead character artist

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The Metroid series has been struggling for quite some time, and Nintendo is hoping to reverse that trend. When development on Metroid Prime 4 hit a snag, Nintendo decided to pull the plug and start all over. Then the company recruited Retro Studios, the team behind the previous Prime games, and they’ve been on a hiring spree ever since. Today, we learned about one of the most important acquisitions they’ve made. Kyle Hefley, a longtime character modeler for 343 Industries, has joined the team. Oh, and he designed Master Chief in Halo 5.

Retro Studios hires Master Chief modeler

Hefley has a lengthy and impressive career, working on games like Call of Duty: Black Ops and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. For the last nine years, he’s been working with Microsoft, including extensive work on Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians. He’s responsible for many of the models you see in those games, including Master Chief himself in Halo 5. And now he’s officially Retro Studios’ Lead Character Artist. Based on social media posts, it appears Hefley has been in this position since August 30.

Getting Metroid Prime 4 right

Hefley brings experience and talent to a team with a big task. Nintendo knows they have to get Metroid Prime 4 right because fans have not been happy with recent entries in the series. Although not officially confirmed, reports indicate that Nintendo chose Bandai Namco to develop the long-awaited game. Unfortunately, things went south, and Nintendo made the tough call to start over. Retro Studios has been hiring left and right ever since. Who better to recruit than someone with experience bringing Master Chief to life? You can check out some of the excellent character modeling work he’s done by clicking here.

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