Retro City Rampage DX Update Out Now; Trailer Showcases New Additions

Retro City Rampage DX has been a hit on the 3DS, from the outstanding sales of the game in the first month, to another big announcement from the games creator:

@GoldMetalSonic The 3DS version’s already netted more revenue than 360 LTD. Units is only a matter of time.

— Retro City Rampage (@RetroCR) April 5, 2014

So it only makes sense that time, love, and care went into the first update for the game. The highlights include:

  • Parking Garages that can access your vehicles anywhere in the city
  • Graphical fixes
  • Jukebox Mode
  • New Animations

Obviously the 3DS version is the superior version of the game, and the update more then solidifies it. Our review of Retro City Rampage DX was a 9/10, claiming \”Move over Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown WarsRetro City Rampage: DX is the new king of the sandbox on handhelds.\”

Be sure to check out the trailer that details the new additions, including showcasing our review at the 1:00 mark. Have you picked up Retro City Rampage DX yet? If not, now is the time!


Shawn Long
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